The Russian Winter live show

This is an ongoing project in which I have been working as a creative/executive producer alongside singer-songwriter John E Vistic and multi-instrumentalist-composer Adam Coombs to create a live multimedia show inspired by Mikhail Bulgakov’s classic novel The Master And Margarita. I began working on this with my MA and BA students in Filmmaking and Creative Media at UWE over two years ago and it has now evolved into a large scale project involving a whole host of my graduates and other industry professionals.

Russian Winter

As it currently stands, the show incorporates a rock band, 40 piece choir and orchestra, cinematic sequences and on stage acting. It was performed over three nights to a sell out audience in Colston Hall, Bristol in January 2013. There is much more that we would like to do with the show, however, and we are currently exploring our options for further development with the Bristol Old Vic. For more information on the project, go to our website or watch a short video interview about my inspirations for the live show.

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