Final run-through

Our aim was to create an immersive ‘in the round’ atmosphere to place the audience ‘inside’ the music and accompanying projections. We hung drapes over the balcony in the four corners and set up a static camera feed on each musician. We then had two roving cameramen filming closeups for our vision mixers to layer on top of the static shots. We made the additional decision not to have the roving cameramen in the third movement, to simplify the visual treatment and encourage the audience to focus in on the music.

setting up

The static camera feeds were set-up to provide full profile shots, as I felt that they gave the best view of the musicians playing their instruments. However, the framing didn’t work in the space and we ended-up going in closer. Although this felt a little too intrusive for me, it was necessary to achieve our Caravaggio style aesthetic of the musicians framed against an unbroken dark background. The only irritating exception that broke that ‘magic’ was the intermittent appearance of a green exit sign behind the viola player’s head!

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